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You have probably read my previous blog ‘A thank you’ where I spoke up about being sexually assaulted at the allotment back in May 2020.


I have never really had my own safe space before in my life. I created this. I grafted hard and made my allotment to what I needed it to be. I have so much nature around me and I find peace, tranquility and meaning to my life, which is extremely important to me. Struggling with depression through most of my adult life, chronic pain, sinus tumours, chronic illness… I’m pretty fucking fed up of life if I am honest. It’s not enjoyable when I am struggling so much with my own body or abilities or having to constantly explain myself around people. The allotment was an escape from all of this. It was a safe place and it wasn’t just about growing vegetables anymore. It’s a lot more than that. It’s become a lifestyle and my way of life.


I am facing a situation where the Police made a mistake and now my safety is compromised. I still have to carry on like nothing has happened. Plaster a smile on my face. Be a mum. Be a wife. Be myself. It’s like I can just stop what I’m doing and just retreat. Life goes on regardless.

Trust me; it’s really hard to just carry on as though nothing has happened. It kills and rips me inside.

I can guarantee that the Police Officer who decided to let a man who had sexually assaulted three women, walk free with no consequences, is surely sleeping soundly.



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