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Plant Selection Regret


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Walking through the allotment in October, I am greeted by many happy Dahlia faces, most if which I love. Except one.


The eyesore of a Dahlia is also the most prolific and healthy plants in my allotment. I’ve nicknamed it ‘Hydra’ as you cut off one flower and ten more appear.


You’re probably thinking how I could be so mean about a Dahlia, or plant in general, but I am mostly annoyed at my own impulsive selection.


Dahlia ‘HollyHill Lemon Ice’ is a thug of a plant with ugly yellow and white striped petals. Firstly, the colour looked different on the packet. I can’t help but grimace when I see it. Mostly out of embarrassment out of my own stupid decision.


As I leave my Dahlias in the ground over winter, let’s see how hardy they are. It’ll be no loss to me if I lose some, but knowing my luck, they’re going to clump up beautifully and I’ll have double the amount I have now.


I could dig them up, you’re right. But what a waste of money and life. I might as well see what happens!


Don’t you just love an experiment?



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