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January Mindful Moments

It’s very tempting to whack out your heated propagator and start a few things off, but I hold off until closer to February as I don’t have the space to sow seeds and keep them alive until planting out. I rely on other crops or sow closer to the time when there’s more day hours and warmth, which means I have a shorter time from sowing to planting out. I also love sowing direct as it means I don’t have to pot on copious amounts of plants and can focus more on those that a little trickier to start off or need protection.

January seems to be the perfect time to plan and dream about what you want to achieve in the year. Focus on what you enjoy seeing, touching, smelling, eating and growing. There is no point if you don’t enjoy it.

I have an ongoing love for voluptuous, pink blooms, and always on a mission to add more variety to my spaces. I’m also introducing Helenium autumnale to my plots for the first time ever and am really excited to see how it establishes over the years. I fell in love with them after becoming obsessed with Piet Oudolf and have been itching to find space for them.

Make a mood board of the colours and shapes you’d like to see in your space as it will keep you inspired and motivated towards what you want to achieve. I physically cut out images from magazines and plant catalogues as I love the process, but you can paint, draw, and even make them digitally.

Whatever you do, make sure it’s what you enjoy.

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