“Find what you love and do that.” – Monty Don

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  • Values
    Interesting therapy session today which has struck me with another wave of acceptance and realisation of who I really am. Someone struck […]

I have taken on a new project and I am really excited. I have been quiet as I have been working my arse off for month to get it ready for the growing season. It’s a beautiful little space that I have been really excited to share this and the progress with you. Of course I have settled in well with the colour of my shed! Read all about it HERE.

Mindful Gardening

I’ve been spending more time outdoors since the weather has become milder. I’ve been at the plot with my family and I’ve also had some mindful gardening to reflect and plan my gardening aspirations. Read more about it here.

Seeds, seeds, SEEDS!

Being so bored with the weather, I’ve been indulging in planning my seeds and looking for fun things to try this year!

Staying sane with seeds

As spring is approaching, I can’t help but rifle through a shameful amount of seed packets and mentally prepare myself for the year.

My October blog is ready to read. I have been absent, up and down and just generally exhausted. Read about it HERE.


I have been trying to find a job for a long while now. I was supposed to go to college too. I write about my struggle and frustrations with trying to find something. Anything.

Gardening Therapy

I use my allotment as a mindful tool for my health and wellbeing. I’ve written this week about my experience and why I love and rely on wildlife and plants to keep me going. Read about it HERE.

Motivation during the harvest season is something I m working hard on – read about my experience here!

This week I have spoken up about how I am feeling in regards to my safety at the allotment and the impact it has. Check it out here.

The summer is in full swing and the veggies are coming in thick and fast every day. However, I am struggling to harvest and use within my abilities. Read all about it here in my August blog post!

I write this post with such disappointment and sadness. Unfortunately we had some issues this week at the allotment.

**CONTENT/TRIGGER WARNING – contains sexual, abusive and eating disorder content***

How are you feeling during the Coronavirus pandemic? It’s okay to deal with your emotions – find out how I am dealing with the situation in my new April blog post.

Why Gardening?

Recently, I was asked to write a blog for Gardening for Disabled Trust. You can catch up on it HERE!