Gardening is becoming more popular, and for good reason. We are realising the health benefits of getting back to nature. Therefore, it shouldn’t be exclusive to anyone.


Looking after our mental health has now become more important than ever. Talking about uncomfortable subjects opens the door for change.


My posts are about my experience with gardening. I use gardening as a tool to manage my chronic pain, which is widespread. I have a job, a family, college, and two allotments. I have good days and bad. My disability does not define my ability. Gardening can be inclusive, to everyone. So let’s make it that way. – KJ


Latest posts:

  • Japeto Hori Hori Knife Deluxe and Leather Holster – Product Review
    By KJ Japeto Hori Hori Product Review£32.95Delivery £6.95Free next working day delivery on orders over £60.00 + VAT**exceptions reply. See website for details. I was kindly asked by Japeto if I would review their product, the ‘Hori Hori’ knife which is part of their collection of gardening tools. You can read more about Japeto and…
  • To dig, or no dig. That is the question.
    By KJ   There is a revolution behind the #NoDig movement and it’s understandable to see why. Fewer weeds, less maintenance, less watering and healthier soil. But what of those who don’t use this method? It’s a controversial topic and often leads to online bullying within the gardening community. Which isn’t on. No dig is…
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