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Isolation stations

Imagine a world where a deadly virus is spreading at unbelievable spreads across the whole planet. You can’t go outside; only to shop for essentials or to exercise for half an hour daily. Only key workers get to work and all other businesses are closed. You have to keep 2 metres from those in public and in shops, and then vigorously wash your hands and use antibac hand gel continuously. You’re not allowed to see friends or family – only over video calls. Yet – this only touches the surface and it’s real life in 2020.


I must admit I have found things a little difficult and have had good days and bad. I spent my whole December in St Thomas’s Hospital in London on a rehabilitation course of physio, mental health and occupational health. I then returned and felt strong enough to work and found myself a job. I worked hard, I was earning a little bit of money and I had just started building my website. I was still gardening as much as I could in my little allotment. I had no idea that everything was about to change and I don’t think anyone did.


It has left a lot of time for me to have my hands in the dirt and when I am here, everything becomes okay again. I will admit it is bloody tough with a near three year old but he’s getting more interested in what I’m doing and we have had some really excellent times together. My husband is at work and is an NHS worker which makes the times that he is at home really much more special.


Despite the ups and downs, I am accepting more that this is going to be my way of life for a little while. Okay so I have had the odd extra glass of wine here and there, I’ve had a few days where I just keep crying because I miss everyone and I miss my freedom and my choice to be able to see them but I know that it’s for the best – especially if I can find a way to cope through it.


This is where gardening once again comes to the rescue. Last year was crap. I was in and out of hospital constantly. Operations came and went, I hardly saw my little one and I was desperate to get out again and explore the world and the plants that inhabit the earth.


You’ll be glad you know I have stopped feeling so sorry for myself and there are far more people in a much worse circumstance. I am extremely lucky that I enjoy my allotment more than anything in thee world. The gardens for visiting will still be there when this is over, but for now, it’s time to grow again for my family and sink myself into the only thing that keeps me healthy.


Life has changed but the allotment is always there. This is such an important time to keep connected as much as possible with your friends and family; so please be kind and look out for each other.


Stay safe.

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  1. Bee says:

    Hi, So glad to see you up&running! Looking fabulous 🙂 Looking forward to reading more about your Allot-sploits…see you on the other side 😀

  2. Shelley says:

    Hi KJ
    Have had distractions of late with little time to prep new beds. Do hope to get Aremenian cucumber seed in Thursday and Hami melon in at the opposite end of garden. Tepary beans in on Friday.
    In Arizona the isolation restrictions are not as severe as the UK Many Americans do take the isolation protocols with all due considerations. We as a family are very concerned.
    Please stay safe and puttering away in your garden.

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